Wednesday, July 1, 2009


for the past 1 week...we've all been showered by devastating news...firstly farrah's death and then it was michael's turn...pls make the pain less excrutiating...the last thing we all wanna hear is about ppl dying again from cancer, let alone breast cancer...and help spread the word and tell the world to think bestie's sister jus entered a design campaign competition designing for gin and jacqie breast cancer awareness bag print design contest...pls do start start voting when it starts...spread the word=)

her design below...sweet eh=)

Design Description:
Dandelions are flowered by spherical balls of seed, which are easily dispersed by the wind. Like dandelions, breast cancer awareness could be spread widely across the world. It takes only one small step to help generate a momentum. The girl represents us, blowing out the awareness, hope, peace and love to the world; calling people to think PINK together, and help create a better world!

Tan Yi Sin

follow the link below to vote

Monday, June 29, 2009

just for laughs

u have no idea how i wanted to take a gun or a hand grenade to end myself...chemistry has been making me miserable for the whole freaking day...blame my mid term, that im enduring now...shakes head*... since im sulking the whole day, decided to turn on my lappie, conversation with frens, checked out some blogs and i stumbled upon yean may's, as usual, she immediately drew a smile on my sulking face... credits to patty who edited it...=)

liza's sexy clevage...move aside pam anderson! love=)

i guess alex must be a playboy bunny in his previous

borat comment...disturbing! lol

didnt noe that ian could look so preety...u should consider a longer hair.hehe

what a nice picture to describe my mood now=)
long live the king of POP...our last legend!
michael jackson 1958-2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

coming out with something

im not exactly in a very happening state since im stoning away at home(no classes today), nothin to do, grabbed my chem. notes, studied a lil, bored and so im blogging...oh btw, edc was in town last sat. sadly the poor me sitting here didnt manage to get any invites... its sick but at least i have some pictures...this post may be quite controversial as not many ppl may agree with his act a year ago ,including myself=(...but we'll move on somehow...hehe... his act is realllllyyyy wrong...but erm, no comments from me...and i do hope that this post would not offend anyone who dislikes him...hehe...moving on!

so, edc, CEO and founder of CLOT opened a retailed store at bangsar, the first store outside hong kong...
Juice KL is located at No. 46 & 46-1 Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur; brands available include Clot, Head Porter, Head Porter Plus, Original Fake, Medicom Toy, Nike and adidas.

above and below are pictures from shen...he managed to get the invites i think...and he mms-ed me like 3 somethin in the morning...while i was still at dreamland

the crowd...i can imagine how hottt it was...

to officiate the whole store


edc himself with jin from hitz fm


edc yet again

CLOT logo

an entreprenuer now

and my fav. pic...kanye which i like a lot recently and edc
see you in the next post!

have a good day guys=)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Presenting X-Loh=)

ok... though X-Loh sounded like some hip hop sensation, but its not=)...xander loh to be exact, the chubby lil pumpkin that just joined my family's clan about a month tell u the truth, i've never felt so attached to someone so special before, knowing he is a angel sent from heaven after a whole long battlefield that i've faced since 2007...its a miracle! nephew, my love and im overjoyed=)

that chubby lil pumpkin invitation card

his big day...but he ended up sleeping,waking up,milk time then repeating the whole routine all over again, throughout the whole day...and i wonder why is he so

below are some pictures taken that day, and as usual,let it do the talking

sis and i...she's beautiful

and my godmum resembles like a chinadoll that particular day...


3 generations=)...and xander still sleeping

sis and i...she's beautiful too

being the usual me, i insisted on a solo pic, which left everybody starring and my sis grumbling...hehe

and my fav. pic of the poor brother...this two lil girls here are actually twins and he have to throw them up 3 times for each one high up in the air...u do the math...and they dun have a feather-like weight...but it's all worth it, cause its a real good candid shot...

superwoman mum and i...

my oh-so cute granny with a sweet smile, i guess she's happy posing...hehe


i getting good with kids=) least she doesnt have a sobbing expression...hehe

and a final pic to wrap it up=)

have a good day u guys!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A new sem

finally, i can update in awfully sorry for the delay...its not that im busy, its just that i was caught up with here i am, blogging while sipping a cup of peppermint de-tox japanese tea which tasted awfull, but i didnt wanna waste since it says for a 'trimmer and a more confident you', which im preety sceptical bout it...hehe...i noe its pathetic but i've wasted 1 and the half hour for this post, because i accidentally deleted the first exact same one and now i have to re-type the whole thing all over again, flashing back the words that i used with the first one...arghhh! yea...i finished my first sem...and im starting a new one, being the usual me, i chose to take only 2 subjects for this whole 2 months instead of 3...but still, it wasnt any better because chemistry gave me a whole lottt of heavy workload while im slacking at statistics because i can barely concentrate...
so, below are pictures taken 2 weeks ago(told u, its outdated)...credits goes to denise for certain pictures=)

i was so bored till i peeped through my babe's phone, trying to figure out wat kept her entertained

and oppsss, she realised
that was preety much it, the first day of statistics, but lucky me, my college mates kept me entertained...i looked through their love letters which they wrote to each other(among guys),its preety sick when u see the content...hehe...'jus kiddin'...peeped through their journals which i find preety interesting when someone said im 'anti-social'...hahahahaha...and listen to the music they played in all genres(and i mean, ALL genres)'u have no idea'
let the pics do the talking

my babe figuring something out

myself posing for the camera to get a candid shot, which i failed miserably...and my hair looks like a burnt bush that day

a glimpse of david, denise trying to talk?,joe, royston and han yuen's right hand(he didnt want any pics taken that day because he was wearing specs)

wei loon, yee shien, su han and fei yang with cell phones

and me, scribbling my way through
its preety impossible to concentrate in that class unless someone sponsors me with a hearing aid or a pair of better lenses...but THANK lee=) agreed to have a second class just for us, and i can now concentrate in peace...phew!

below are some random pictures

sis and i

cindy babe and i

cindy babe and i
have a great day u guys=)